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Santa Ana, CA


Santa Ana College Quad

OWNER: Rancho Santiago Community College District AREA: 6.2 Acres


The goal for this Master Plan was to transform the Santa Ana College Campus image from a collection of 1950-1970’s building to a cohesive higher education establishment with a strong identity and learning environment for the students. To accomplished this, Westberg + White created a comprehensive Master Plan document that consists of College Campus branding, graphics, signature,¬†building standards, wayfinding, and cohesive exterior architecture and landscape statements. For the outdoor environment, intimate and interactive outdoor spaces were designed for small and large group student study areas and large group association. Proposed modifications and enhancements to existing architecture were created to help strengthen the architectural theme of the Campus for the next 100 years. All of the elements of this Master Plan have been collected into a comprehensive document for the District to refer to as they move forward with future bond funded projects throughout the Campus.